What can I get?

What can I get?

Hey folks!

After a long hiatus I’m back, and ready to go 😀

We’ve been chatting a little bit recently about the Body of Christ and our role in that. The Bible teaches us that the Church (with a big C,  i.e. Christians all over the world, not just our local church) is the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12). 

So if we are all a part of the body, what is our responsibility now?  It’s very easy to let our focus shift from “What can I give?” to “What can I get?”

In Matthew 27:57-60, we read that Joseph of Arimathea went out of his way to serve the (literal) body of Christ. He gave his money and resources, time, energy and even risked his social standing to do this.

What can we give to serve the Body of Christ today? The church isn’t built on the sacrifices of a few but rather the contributions of everyone.

God bless,