Little things

Little things

Hello… Is this thing on?

Well, welcome to my first “proper” post, so let’s dive on in!

I was chatting to a friend recently about my time here in Sweden and how we have not only seen God move in the big things but small things too!

Let me share with you what I shared with him. I recently moved from a furnished apartment to an unfurnished one, and was on the lookout for cheap furniture. On a trip to IKEA shortly after moving, I saw a new stool they were promoting as I was walking in. It definitely caught my attention. It looked great, was comfortable and would have fit nicely in my room.  Oh, and it was rather expensive too… “Nevermind! I’ll find something else.” I thought and completely forgot about it.

A couple of days later I had to return to the same IKEA and what did I see? The same stool, but this time the price was reduced by 80%!

Needless to say, the stool came home with me that day.

Cool story Luke, I can hear you say, but it’s only just getting interesting… Wouldn’t you know it the next day I had to return yet again to the IKEA (I’m really embracing the Swedish culture here). As I was entering, what did I see but the same stool, once more back at the original price!

Now some might call that a co-incidence, but I’d call it one more example of how my God is interested in what interests me. He cares for me (and you) so much, that nothing is too big, or small, for Him to get involved.

The Bible says that God cares for the small birds and flowers, and far more about us. It even goes as far as to say He has numbered the hairs on our heads! That is attention to detail.

So why don’t you give God a chance to move in the small things. Talk to Him, be honest about what you’re feeling, where you’d like to see Him move. No matter the size, He wants to be involved.

Until next time,